The Right Online Car Insurance Could Offer Protection Against Criminal Behavior

Some guy in a funny costume flags you down. Here you are a good samaritan thinking you’ll help someone out with directions or something of the like. Then lo and behold, the stranger pulls out a knife and tells you to get out of the car. He jumps in and takes off. This is the new trend for car thieves and you should prepare for this worst-case scenario with the right online car insurance.

Incredible advances in car technology make it harder for auto thieves to continue with conventional car theft methods. Break-ins are becoming less common as most new cars come with built-in theft prevention devices. Still car insurance companies say car theft has not decreased as much as it should because of the new methods criminals are using to steal new cars.

Auto Insurance Companies Say Car Thieves Have Changed their Mode of Operating

Criminals have simply compensated for the new key technology by becoming more brazen. The current approach is carjacking, the theft of parts and car cloning. While online car insurance companies agree that the “traditional” type of auto break-in is less common, criminals are still taking more vehicles by stealing them directly from the owner. Carjacking is an activity that is increasing, as well as other schemes where thieves clone keys and swap the real key with the fake key, later returning to steal the vehicle.

However, car theft is not the only problem, criminals are also taking car parts. These include catalytic converters and other expensive parts that have high scrap value. These are parts that can be swiped in a matter of minutes.

Criminals Are Now Using Technology to Aid Their Activities

technology doesn’t really deter a criminal, but instead often helps them. Many of the car parts that are easily swiped are up online in shopping forums or on websites within minutes. Many of the websites these criminals use to commercialize these parts are even well-known, such as, or In many cases, criminals use technology to change paper documentation and vehicle identification numbers, so they can sell the car without suspicion.

What Should Car Owners Do?

Most carjacking involves a weapon, so you don’t want to confront the carjacker. In stead, your best option is to give up your car and quickly leave the scene. Your car is certainly not worth your life!

However, drivers can take precautions, suggest leading car insurance providers. They should be wary around in the gas stations, parking lots late at night, or other dark isolated areas.

Take Precautions When Buying a Car Especially Right after a Natural Disaster

Online car insurance leaders say consumers should be especially wary of buying cars just after natural disasters, as it is easier for thieves to clone vehicles at such times; a process where thieves change vehicle identification numbers for those of non-stolen vehicles which are no longer in driving conditions. Be sure to always do the following before putting money down on a car:
  • Get a vehicle history report
  • compare vehicle documentation to the VIN numbers on the engine, doors and dashboard. If these don’t all match then don’t go through with the deal.
  • Remember, if the deal looks too good to be true, it usually is.
Bottom Line

By looking for competitive comprehensive car insurance quotes, you can get an online car insurance policy that protects you against auto theft. Besides,  you shouldn’t be too concerned as the number of stolen cars has fallen in the last decade. A statistic which is reflected in the dropping price of comprehensive car insurance coverage. Still, the size of auto insurance claims on cars that are stolen has grown. The reasons for this are:
  • cars have a higher value.
  • higher valued cars are targets for criminals.
So, if you feel your comprehensive auto insurance quotes are too high, you might consider asking whether the insurance provider offers any discounts for anti-theft devices; some insurance providers and state regulations require discounts for cars equipped with these devices.